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Плата Byte Runner TC 400

Плата на 4 COM-порта.

Картинки кликабельны.



Плата COM-портов, применялась в различном оборудовании. Продаётся до сих пор, стоит $38 за штуку (в США). (я купил существенно дешевле).

Описание платы:

Item code: TC-400-550
4-port 16550 UART (16 byte FIFO/buffer), jumper settable, RS232 ISA-bus serial card.
2 DB9 (9-pin male) and 2 DB25 (25-pin male) serial connectors. On the back of the card is 1 DB9 and 1 DB25 connector. An included ribbon cable plugs on to the card and goes to an angle bracket containing the other 9-pin serial and 25-pin serial port. The angle bracket can be mounted in another slot, or the ports can be removed from the bracket and mounted in knockouts on the case.

IRQs are settable to 3-5, 9-12 & 15. Addresses are settable to COM1-COM8 & UNIX mode addresses.

Serial ports can share the same IRQ, or use different IRQs.

Supports fast serial data transfer rates up to 460,800 bps. With the 16550 UART chips on this card, it is not recommended for speeds over 115,200 bps, however.

Works great with all operating systems.
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